I sometimes dream… a game is published.

“I sometimes dream…” is now published! You can play it either in Gamejolt or in Nitrome. Make sure to play the other games too! It may be up in Kongregate and Newgrounds soon…



I’ve recently participated in the #nitromejam, with a game titled “I sometimes dream…” (the theme of the jam was “dreams”). It’s a puzzle platformer, with twelve levels, ranging from dead easy to very hard. I hope you like it! It is already finished, but it will be published on Monday in Nitrome, and I might then publish it also in Kongregate and Newgrounds, maybe after polishing it up a bit. Oh, and here’s a picture (Second-to-last level), and a little gameplay (second level).


dream vid


Hello World

This is a blog in which I will publish my games. It was finally created for the occasion of the Ludum Dare. I might post also videos of my progress in different games I make. As I tend to not finish the games I start, please feel free to comment in order for me to know which games should I focus on. I might also make a couple of game-making or programming related posts, more on that later.